Operation Map

BOX Zone A - City Centre with High Activity

  • 1st Hour : RM 1.50
  • 2nd Hour : RM 2.50

BOX Zone B - Rural Area with High Activity

  • 1st Hour : RM 1.00

BOX Zone C - Rural Area

  • 1st Hour : RM 0.80

Digital Season Pass

Terms & Conditions:
  • There’s only 20% Quota for every locations. (First come first serve basis)
Application :
  • 1 application only designated for 1 car. (Non-transferable)
  • Minimum 1 month and maximum up to 3 subsequent months.
  • 5 working day process for new application approval.
  • Approved application will be notice via email.
  • Newly approved applicant must made payment 48 hours after approval.
  • Payment via operator bank account. Payment details will be given once application has been approved.
  • For payment confirmation process, payment receipt/Bank-in Slip must be email to operator email : cs@citycarpark.my
  • Official receipt will be issued once payment confirmation process has been confirmed.
Renewal :
  • Payment must be made 1 week before expiry.
Charges :
  • Permit charge excluded 6% of GST.
Activation :
  • Upon Approval
  • Upon Payment Confirmation
  • Zone A season pass user can park throughout Zone A & Zone B area.
  • Zone B season pass user can park throughout Zone B area only. User had to use normal hourly payment when they park at Zone A area.
  • No refund will be given for customer’s negligence.
  • Park at designated parking space.
Enforcement :
  • Season Pass will be valid only on dedicated location/zone only.